940 DH = Unique Account In Europe = Incredible = 104 Feats of Str: 12 Realm Firsts = 2 x Rank1 | 3 Gladiators = 3099 Eur

940 DH = 21215 Achievements = UNIQUE IN EUROPE = Total 104 Feats of strength: 12 x Realm Firsts: Obsidian Slayer, Conqueror of Naxxramas, Magic Seeker, Celestial Defender, Death's Demise, Grand Crusader, Fall of the Lich King, Level 85 Warlock, Zen master medic, Zen master cook, 90 Monk, Challenge Conqueror Wow = Deadly Glad & Relentless Gladiator RANK 1 = 3 Glads: Furious Gladiator | Vengeful Gladiator | Wrathful Gladiator =  Thunderfury | Sulfuras | Dragonwrath | Thori'dal | Herald of the titans = Insane In the Membrane = Immortal | Undying | Champion of Ulduar | Conqueror of ulduar = 935 Ilvl Mage = 2x 920+ Alts = Tier 3 Frostfire Across Chars: Head, Chest, Shoulder, Belt, Gloves =  3099 Eur 

Important Achievs & Highlights :    


Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden

Ahead of the Curve: Xavius & Helya

Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek'zeer & Sha of Fear
Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor

Cutting Edge: Gul'dan 

Cutting Edge: Helya

Realm FIrst 90 Monk
Realm First 600 Cooking 
Realm FIrst 600 First Aid
Realm First Challenge Conqueror Gold
Realm First 85 Warlock
Realm First Fall of the Lich King
Realm First Grand Crusader
Realm First Death's Demise
Realm First Celestial Defender
Realm First Magic Seeker
Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas
Realm First Obsidian Slayer

Hero Of the Horde: Cataclysmic
Wrathful Gladiator
Relentless Gladiator Rank 1
Furious Gladiator
Deadly Gladiator Rank 1
Vengeful Gladiator
Classic PvP Rank ''General'' 

The Immortal 
The Undying
Champion of Ulduar
Conqueror of Ulduar

Gear: 940 Ilvl / 61 traits Havoc - 42 AK 

Legs: Mo'arg bionic / Prydaz / Spirit of the Darkness Flame / Raddon's Cascading Eyes / Cinidaria the Symbiote / Sephus'z Secret / Kil'jaeden / Archimonde's Hatred Reborn / Achor, eternal hunger / Loramus Thalipede's Sacrifice / Chaos Theory / 




935 Mage - 61 traits / 42 AK - Legs in bags: 
Sephus'z Secret /Ice time / Darckli's Dragonfire / Soul of the archmage/ Shard of the exodar / prydaz/ kil'jaeden / lady vash's grasp / Norgannon's foresight / celumbra, the night's dichotomy  

Armory: https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2ee6d2812fb7dbdf444c8

922 Warrior - 57 Traits / 42 AK - Legs in bags:
Sephus'z Secret / Weight of the Earth / Ceann-ar Charger / Timeless Stratagem / Naj'entus's Vertebrae / Rethu's Incessant Courage / Kazzalax / 

  Armory: https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2eede2812fb7dbdf444c9

921 Holy Paladin -  https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2ef8e2812fb7dbdf444cb

Second old main Shaman https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2f0352812fb7dbdf444ce

OLD Main - 102 Hunter - Earned: Obsidian Slayer, Magic Seeker, Conquerer of Naxxramas, Death's Demise, Lich King 25 ( realm first) Realm First CHallenge Conqueror: Gold, Realm first 600 First Aid, Realm first 600 Cooking
Deadly Gladiator Rank 1 title, Furious Gladiator, Hero of The Horde Cataclysmic, Invincible, Mimirons Head, Transmogs: 9/9 CM Gold Pandaria, Gronnstalker set, Cataclysmic Elite Set, Vengeful S3 Set, Merciless S2 Set, Gladiator S1 Set,  


869 Priest - Earned: Vengeful Gladiator, Furious Gladiator, Relentless Gladiator Rank 1                                           https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2efcd2812fb7dbdf444cc

873 Warlock - Earned:  Grand Crusader, Lich King 25 (Realm firsts) and Realm First 85 Warlock, Classic ''General'' Title


88 Paladin - Earned: Wrathful Gladiator   -http://www.maskedarmory.com/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-364665.html ;  

869 Monk - 9/9 CM Pandaria - Legendary neck  - https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/59b2ef482812fb7dbdf444ca

863 DK Legendary neck - 9/9 CM Pandaria - http://www.maskedarmory.com/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-364667.htmll

855 Druid - 9/9 CM Pandaria - Legendary ring - http://www.maskedarmory.com/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-364670.html

859 Paladin - Legendary head. http://www.maskedarmory.com/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-364671.html

869 Rogue - Legendary neck. http://www.maskedarmory.com/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-364672.html

90 Mage - Dragonwrath Terac'gosa

102 Warrior

90 Shaman 

90 Warlock 

90 Dk 




Ashes of Alar,
Vengeful Glad mount,
Deadly Glad Mount,
Furious Glad Mount,
Relentless Glad mount,
Wrathful Glad Mount,

Time Lost Proto Drake,
Black Proto Drake,
Plague Proto Drake,
Green Proto Drake, 

Mimiron's Head,
Alani Mount,

Big Blizzard Bear,
Spectral TIger,
Swift Spectral Tiger,
Swift Zulian Tiger,
Swift Razzashi Raptor, 

Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank,
Karazhan Mount   





Arena Master
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Avenger of Hyjal
Bane of the Fallen King
Blackwing's Bane
Bloodsail Admiral
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Champion of the Naaru
Champion of Ulduar
Conqueror of Naxxramas
Conqueror of Ulduar
Death's Demise
Defender of a Shattered World
Delver of the Vaults
Destroyer's End
Flame Warden
Grand Crusader
Guardian of Cenarius
Hand of A'dal
Herald of the Titans
Master of the Ways
Obsidian Slayer
of Darnassus
of Gnomeregan
of Ironforge
of Stormwind
of the Alliance
of the Ashen Verdict
of the Exodar
of the Four Winds
of the Nightfall
Savior of Azeroth
the Argent Champion
the Argent Defender
the Astral Walker
the Beloved
the Bloodthirsty
the Celestial Defender
the Diplomat
the Exalted
the Explorer
the Fearless
the Flamebreaker
the Hallowed
the Immortal
the Insane
the Kingslayer
the Light of Dawn
the Love Fool
the Magic Seeker
the Noble
the Patient
the Pilgrim
the Relic Hunter
the Seeker
the Tranquil Master
the Undaunted
the Undying
the Wakener
Twilight Vanquisher



  Alchemy 800


Points: Game time until 23/12/2017 ! D3: RoS; S2: heart of swarm; Diablo 2.; 2x Legion Licenses 



More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:  3099 Eur = 3723 USD = 2747 GBP

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Price: 3099 Eur = 3723 USD = 2747 GBP


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