Guardian Druid 972ilvl = 11/11 HC & N Antorus = Mage Tower All Specs =6/6 T21 = 369 Eur

  Guardian Druid 972ilvl = 11/11 HC & N Antorus = 78 Traits Ursoc (991Weap) / 60 Balance (973 Weap) / 60 Resto (962 Weap) / 65 Traits Feral (976 Ilvl) = 6/6 T21(3 pieces 955) = 4/6 T20 = Legs: Oakheart's puny quods; Cinidaria, the symbiote / Fury of nature/ Soul of the archdruid/  Luffa Wrapping / Insignia of the grand army  = 369 Eur 


Gear: Mage Tower all Specs: Balance druid - Manascythe

Resto - Night's Vigilance 

Feral - Ghost of the Pridemother 

Ursoc: Might of the Grizzlemaw   

Sets of transmog: Bearmantle battle gear 8/8,Oathclaw wargrab 4/8,Obsidian arbourweave vestments 8/8,Stormrider`s vestments 7/8,Relentless Gladiator`s Dragonhide armor 6/8,Conqueror`s nightsong battlegear,2/5,Nordrassil raiment 2/6,Stormheart raiment 3/8

Trinkets in bags feral/heal/balance: [Eye of Shatug][Vitality Resonator][Prototype Personnel Decimator]?[Seeping Scourgewing][Vial of Ceaseless Toxins][Ishkar's Felshield Emitter],[Shifting Cosmic Sliver][Garothi Feedback Conduit],[Feverish Carapace]? / Scythe of unmaker - Polearm transmog  [Riftworld Codex][Inescapable Dread] 955ilvl

Points: Game time until 02/03/2018



More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:   369 Eur = 437 USD = 326 GBP

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Price: 369 Eur = 437 USD = 326 GBP


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