962 PRIEST = 22020 Achievs = 8/9 Tier 3 Priest & 8/9 Tier 3 Warlock = Benediction and Anathema = Realm first = 9/9 CM Gold Pandaria Priest & Warlock = INSANE

962 PRIEST = 22020 Achievs = 102 Feats of strenght & 296 Legacy: Benediction and Anathema; Champion of Ulduar; The Undying = Realm first: Fall of the Lich King = Swift Razzashi Raptor; Ashes of alar; Mimiron's head; Invincible; Tyrael's CHARGER = Mistwalker Title = 9/9 CM Gold Pandaria Priest & Warlock = Herald of the titans = Old Legendaries: Val'anyr; Dragonwrath Teracgosa Staff; Thunderfury; Warglaives of azzinoth; Shadowmourne; Thori'dal Bow; Fangs of the father = 8 Cutting Edges = Warglaives transmogs DH = INSANE In the Membrane = Old tabards: Of nature, Of arcane, of Brilliance = 8/9 Tier 3 Priest & 8/9 Tier 3 Warlock =  Taking offers



1000ilvl legs:
Velen's future sight, Prydaz, Mangaza's madness, Sephus'z secret, X'anshi, shroud of archbishop benedictus, soul of the high priest, insignia of the grand army, entrancing trousers of an'juna, Inner hallation, heart of the void

75 Traits holy (978 Weap) / 70 Shadow (979 Weap) / 49 Discipline (964Weap)

970ilvl legs: zeks exterminatus, kil'jaedens burning wish, Phyrix's embrace, The twins painful touch, Rammal's ulterior motive, Anund's seared shackles, Muze's unwavering will, Norgannon's foresight, Al'maiesh the cord of hope, Mother shahraz's seduction, Zenk'aram iridi's anadem, The alabaster lady

Old legendaries:

Dragonwrath teracgosa, Val'anyr, pandaria cloaks


Tabard of nature
Tabard of the Arcane
Tabard of brilliance
Tabard of lightbringer


Vestments of the purifier
Cruel gladiator's satin armor
Of the Chosen dead
Chronoscryer's finery
Vindictive gladiator's satin armor
Regalia of the high priest
Fel infused armor

Light Regalia ( Pandaria CM ) - Set of the Light
Regalia of the Cleansing Flame
Mercurial Regalia
Wrathful Gladiator's Satin armor

Vestments of Faith ( Tier 3 - 8/9 Pieces )



945 Warlock - 

Old Legendary: Dragonwrath, Teracgosa Wraith

8/9 Tier 3

CM Pandaria Set 

Replica Staff of Guldan

Tabard of lightbringer

Transmog Sets:

Legacy of azj'aqir, 
Regalia of the chosen dead
Chronoscryer's finery
Sha skin Regalia
Vestments of the Faceless shroud
Shadowflame regalia
Plagueheart rainment

Armory: https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626d809e00c66e1ac69251

929 Rogue - Old Legendaries: Fangs of the father, Warlgaives of azzinoth, Thori'dal Bow

Armory: https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626e139e00c66e1ac69253

917 DK  https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626e5b9e00c66e1ac69254

914 Druidhttps://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626ea59e00c66e1ac69255

857 Shaman - https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626f019e00c66e1ac69256

899 Mage  https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626f279e00c66e1ac69257

887 DHhttps://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626f469e00c66e1ac69258

904 Paladinhttps://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/5a626d4d9e00c66e1ac69250


    Mounts:   344 Mounts collected 

Astral Cloud Serpent

Ashes of alar

Black Drake

Blue Proto Drake

Core hound

Darkmoon Dancing Bear

Emerald Drake

Experiment 12-B

FelSteel Annihilator


Mimiron's head

Onyxia Drake

Tyrael's Charger

Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade




Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Avenger of Hyjal
Bane of the Fallen King
Blackwing's Bane
Bloodsail Admiral
Champion of Ulduar
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Conqueror of Orgrimmar
Crashin' Thrashin'
Defender of a Shattered World
Delver of the Vaults
Destroyer's End
Flame Warden
Guardian of Cenarius
Hellscream's Downfall
Herald of the Titans
Master Sergeant
Savior of Azeroth
Storm's End
Twilight Vanquisher
Vengeance Incarnate
of Darnassus
of Gnomeregan
of Ironforge
of Stormwind
of the Alliance
of the Ashen Verdict
of the Exodar
of the Four Winds
of the Nightfall
of the Shattered Sun
the Argent Champion
the Astral Walker
the Beloved
the Diplomat
the Exalted
the Explorer
the Fearless
the Flamebreaker
the Hallowed
the Hordebreaker
the Insane
the Kingslayer
the Light of Dawn
the Love Fool
the Noble
the Patient
the Pilgrim
the Proven Assailant
the Relic Hunter
the Scenaturdist
the Seeker
the Tranquil Master
the Undaunted
the Undying
the Wakener

Points: Game time until 29/01/2018; Diablo 3:RoS on account. 



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