Refund and warranty

The Warranty:

We guarantee lifetime support for your account. We only buy special accounts, from original owners with full account documentation: ID scan, picture with ID next to the face, a legal contract signed by the owner in which he agrees to sell the account for X amount; he agrees to share his ID picture for account administration, transferring all the rights to us to administrate the account + a voice record over the phone where he admits to sell the account for good, all of which we keep to ensure the account lifetime warranty. 


No matter if you get hacked, banned by your fault, (or account recalled in the most extreme cases, 0.1% risk chance / 1 in 1000 accounts) we will assist you the next moment, communicating with Blizzard the OO as soon as possible.



If your account is lost by owner's fault, you will receive a full refund:

-same quality account replaced or full payment refund.  ( payment refund for your account value - for example if you buy the first lvl 100 character available for , let's say, 400eur, it worth is 400eur becouse it s the first lvl 100 available)

-if it s lost in 3 months, and you didnt upgrade it in any way, than you account isn't worth 400eur anymore, as there are plenty of level 100 characters around.  


If your account is hacked (by a virus), banned (by your fault), we will still assist you, but we won′t offer a refund if the account is lost.

First, we will try to find you a new similar account, as this is what you paid for. Your purchase is not an investment of which you can get a reimburse later, as you bought a WoW account, you will get a WoW account. Only after repeated failure in providing you a similar account, you can be elegible for a refund which will be calculated on your account value on the moment when it got lost. If you invest special mounts or games into your account, you are doing it on your own risk and those will not be refunded. Keep in mind that WoW Accounts are retrievable, and even if we do all that is possible to assure a safe account, some people do agree to share all the infos that we are asking for but may recall an account in the end on their own legal risks. We are not magicians to make sure this won't be happening, but we are proffessional to offer the lowest recall rate on market, and a full support with it.


PS: There must be no greater time than 2 months between account lost and you reporting it. It gets harder to recover accounts lost long time ago, abandoned. So if you lost your account in the last expansion and you report it now, we will do our best to help you get it back but we can t refund it or replace it in this case. Or we can, but with the same quality account. If you lost a lvl 90 account 6 months ago, we will replace it with a lvl 90 character, and not with a payment refund, as the money you invested 6 months ago in a lvl 90 character had been depreciated now. 



Important: NEVER ASK FOR A REFUND if you bought an account and suddenly realise you don't like the class, you made a wrong choice etc. We will never offer a refund for that. The best we can do is to post your account back for sell and share 70% of its sold price with you. So please make sure you make a good decision from the begining.



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Good and legit website, Great service. I recommend this to anyone . :)
Done tons of transactions with this guy, never had any problem buying from him.