You re missing Vanilla too?
   You re missing Vanilla content too? Maybe we can do something about this,it s our right to ask blizz for that magic server! Let s hope, and watch this magnificent movie :-D. 
Added on June 11, 2016 in WoW Movies
Is it legal to buy or sell a WoW Account?
    Well... the answer is not a Yes or No. It s deeper. You can t sell something you re not owning.  How comes you play on something you re not owning? It s deeper again :-). Blizzard is selling you the right to play on an account, with an abusive contract you have to agree with to be able to create your account ( yeah, that box you have to click on - I agree - otherwise you re not allowed to create your account or enter the game ). Ofc, the content is owned by B...
Added on May 23, 2016 in General Talk


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