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Great news! Find which are the Mythic+ Rewards in Battle for Azeroth
      Mythic+ testing in Beta came up with some interesting results to the reward system of Mythic+ as it follows:           Weekly chest has a chance to bring you additional items:  From 1 to 3 Pieces of gear; A Mythic Keystone, at a appropriate Keystone level Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth. Also, there is a chance that the items dropped into the chest to Titanforge as well, excepting Weapons and Azerite Armo...
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Wanna return to WoW? Now it’s the time!
Wanna return to WoW? Now it’s the time!   Blizzard is hosting a „Welcome back”  weekend for World of Warcraft players. Due to their even, the game is playable without a subscription. You can, indeed, play World of Warcraft all you want, on any of your characters. As well, we can also find a Services Sale promotion on, including: Games, Appearance, Faction and Race changes.    These are great news knowing that in one month and half, the n...
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WoW ruins your summer holidays! You won’t believe what they did to ...
                                                               WoW ruins your summer holidays! You won’t believe what they did to ...   Hard times are happening for the Legion expansion. It’s end is near, as Blizzard is preparing to lunch the new expansion: „Battle for Azeroth” in 14 August 2018. ...
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Here s my favourite Demon Hunter Transmogs!
I adore this transmogs!     
Added on August 06, 2016 in General Talk
1 more week for Demon Hunter ... I can t wait!
Jonathan LeCraft, Senior Game Designer at Blizzard has recently confirmed that Demon Hunters will be released on live severs on August 9th, albeit in a restricted form (since only 2 of their 7 talent tiers will be available). Demon Hunters will have two specs, Havoc (melee DPS) and Vengeance (tank). As most players probably already know, Demon Hunters will use Leather and have Agility as their primary stat.   (original post:
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