478 DRUID = CM GOLD WOD = BIS Azerite / Corruption = 389 EUR

Druid 478 ilvl

Cloack Rank 15

Neck level 87

Rank 4 The Crucible Of Flame essence on neck?

Items in bags for all specs:[Chestguard of the Insatiable Maw](445ilvl azerite),[Corrosive Handler's Gloves](465ilvl handS),[Bloodstained Ritual Athame](460ilvl weapon one hand+socket)
[Shandai, Watcher of Cosmos](460ilvl staff),[Mantle of Fastidious Machinations](465ilvl azerite),
[Razdunk's Big Red Button](465ilvl trinket),[Bracers of Dark Prophecy](460ilvl wrist),[Servo-Arm Bindings](465 wrist)[Kul Tiran Cannonball Runner](465 trinket)     

      Shandai, Watcher of Cosmos](460 staff) , [Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll](465 trinket) , [Primal Dinomancer's Belt](465 belt) ,[Servo-Arm Bindings](460 wrist )                 

[Pauldrons of the Great Convergence](475ilvl),[Ritual Binder's Ring](465ilvl),[Mercenary Miner's Boots](475ilvl) ?                                                                                                                                          

  25x[Sparks of Unwavering Strength]
16x[Focused Life Anima]
7th Legion Scouting Map (all flightmasters unlocked)
Tabards:[Tabard of the Explorer][Tabard of the Achiever]
Tranmogs: Obsidian Arborweave vestements 8/9
          Stormrider`s Vestments 6/8
          Heroes`Dreamwalker Battlegear 4/8
          Treacherous Schemer`s Lether 6/8
Companions in bags :[Void-Link Frostwolf Collar][C'Thuffer][Void-Link Frostwolf Collar]   




Points: Character Sale Only: The character gets transferred to a brand new account. It will have a lvl 110 boost active and 30 Days of Gametime on the date of creation. ( Mounts are not getting transferred to the new account )



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Price:   389 EUR

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Price: 389 EUR


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