18695 Achievements = T3 Rogue = Elite PVP Tabards / Titles / Enchants = 999 EUR

18695 Achievements points 

211 Legacy & 54 Feats of strength  

Characters: 120 Warrior 2x (A/H), 120 Druid (A), 120 Rogue (A), 120 Warlock (H), 113 Mage (A), 112 DH (A), 91 Druid (A), 91 Warlock (A), 90 Monk (A), 70 Rogue (A)

 Full Rogue T3
- Some other T3 parts, not complete sets: Druid Chest, Mage Shoulder & Feet and others that are on wrong classes (BMAH)
- Arcanite Reaper on a lvl 70 rogue
- Many elite PvP stuff, including duelist titles, tabards (legion s3 elite), green PvP elite enchant illusion
- MoP CM Gold 9/9 on Warrior and Warlock
- Warlock green fire quest done
- Lots of collector edition 
- Tabards from TCG (fire, defender)
- 336 Mounts (including almost every rare raid mount, plagued proto drake, aeonaxx mount, timelost proto drake, some shop mounts)
- Mage tower on: Warrior, Warlock, Druid

Account has Overwatch Legendary Edition, Diablo II, Diablo III Reaper of Souls, 2 other WoW Licences










Points: Gametime until 22/07/2020



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Price:   999 EUR

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Price: 999 EUR


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