217 Druid = BIS Gear = CM GOLD WOD = 900 RIO Score =8/10 HC 389 EUR

   Highmountain Tauren Level 60 DRUID

217 ILVL 

Renown 34 Night Fae(Max Renown)


8/10 HC Castle Nathria

Keystone + 14 done in time

2800 Soul Ash

900 Raider.io


[Competitor's Tabard](from the 2008 Spirit of Competition event,this item source is no longer available/removed)

[Verdant Infusion]235ilvl resto legendary equipped

Night fae Soulshape Transform: Horned horse, Vulpin, Ardenmoth


16x Legendary: [Memory of an Unending Growth],Memory of a timeworn Dreambinder, Memory of a Deep focus Draught, Memory of Frenzyband [Verdant Infusion][Ursoc's Fury Remembered][Stable Phantasma Lure][Memory of the Mother Tree][Memory of the Natural Order] [Memory of a Cat-eye Curio](bis feral) [Memory of a Luffa-Infused Embrace] [Memory of a Symmetrical Eye][Memory of a Luffa-Infused Embrace][Memory of the Apex Predator] [Memory of the Frenzyband][Draught of Deep Focus]

Night Fae Camapign 9/9 chapters,Set transmog Campaign Oakheart Raiment 9/9 full set,mount [Enchanted Dreamlight Runestag] in bags(transferred on the new account),Race Highmoutain transmog full set 9/9: Highmoutain`s Heritage, Cloack transmog[Faewoven Branches] (cosmetic)

2100x Stygia

600x[Reservoir Anima],70x [Infused Ruby]

Campaingns unlocked,race highmountain+mount race

Highmountain Thunderhoof (Mount) transferred on the new account.

Items in bags for all specs: [Azure-Venom Choker]220ilvl,[Nathrian Ferula]220ilvl staff,[Rocket Chicken Handlers]203ilvl, [Sunblood Amethyst]200ilvl trinket balance spec, [Darkmoon Deck: Repose](200ilvl trinket resto spec),[Azure-Venom Choker]220ilvl,[Gloves of Phantom Shadows]213ilvl,[Vessel of Shining Radiance]220ilvl held off-hand,[Scithewood Scepter]213ilvl one-hand mace

Trinket [Infinitely Divisible Ooze],[Sunblood Amethyst](200ilvl BIS BALANCE SPEC)


Finesse:[Born Anew]213ilvl,[Tireless Pursuit]213ilvl,[Front of the Pack]171ilvl,[Well-Honed Instincts]200ilvl

Potency: [Conflux of Elements]200ilvl,[Flash of Clarity]200ilvl,[Ready for Anything]200ilvl,[Floral Recycling]200ilvl,[Unstoppable Growth]200ilvl,[Fury of the Skies]200ilvl,[Carnivorous Instinct]200ilvl,[Incessant Hunter]200ilvl,[Sudden Ambush]200ilvl,[Taste for Blood]200ilvl,[Savage Combatant]200ilvl

Endurance:[Tough as Bark]213ilvl,[Ursine Vigor]184ilvl,[Innate Resolve]145ilvl


Illusions enchants weapons: Moongose,Void Edge,Nightamare,Sunfire,Titanguard,Beastslayer,Crusader,Striking,Agility,Mark of blending Hollow,Mark of Blackrock,Landslide,Power Torrent,Elemental Slayer,Avalanche,Lifestealing, 
tabards: [Competitor's Tabard] [Tabard of the Explorer][Tabard of the Achiever][Highmountain Tabard]




Points: Character Sale Only: The character gets transferred to a brand new account. It will have normal version of Shadowlands and 30 Days of Gametime on the date of creation. ( Mounts are not getting transferred to the new account )



More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:  389 EUR

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Price: 389 EUR


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