215 Paladin = CM GOLD WOD =10/10HC=Cool Tmogs = FLY BFA/LEGION/WOD = 369 EUR

60 Human Paladin Retribution 215ilvl
Renown Rank 27 Kyrian
+14 done in time
10/10 HEROIC Castle Nathria
[Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius]
BIS Gear Stats
[Portable Pocket Dimension](bag 32 slots from Artificer Castle Nathria)
435x Stygiac

[The Mad Paragon] 225ilvl legendary equipped bis retribution

Kyrian Campaign 9/9 Chapters done,set transmog [Warplate of the Sefless] 9/9 full set,2x mounts campaign Kyrian [Eternal Phalynx of Courage][Phalynx of Courage] in bags(transferred on the new account)
3x Cloacks transmog campaign Kyrian cosmetic: [Selfless Wings of the Ascended][Halo of the Selfless][Selfless Sigil of the Archon]

Followers unlocked 3/3 from Forge of Bonds: Pelagos,Kleia,Forgelite Prime Mikanikos
13x Legendaries:[Shock Barrier][Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun][Holy Avenger's Engraved Sigil][Inflorescence of the Sunwell][The Ardent Protector's Sanctum][Reign of Endless Kings][Final Verdict][Vanguard's Momentum][Of Dusk and Dawn][Relentless Inquisitor][The Mad Paragon][Stable Phantasma Lure][Memory of the Righteous Bulwark]

Conduits: [Echoing Blessings]213ilvl,[Enkindled Spirit]200ilvl,[Light's Barding]171ilvl,[Virtuous Command]200ilvl,[Truth's Wake]184ilvl,[Untempered Dedication]200ilvl,[Vengeful Shock]200ilvl
Items in bags for all specs: [Ritualist's Treasured Ring] 213ilvl,[Ceremonial Parade Legguards]220ilvl,[Noble's Birthstone Pendant]213ilvl,[Binding of Warped Desires]213ilvl,[Hyperlight Band]213ilvl,[Endlessly Gluttonous Greaves]213ilvl,[Skulker's Wing]213ilvl trinket (bis pvp),[Soul Igniter]213ilvl trinket,[Errant Crusader's Greaves]213ilvl,184ilvl+socket,[Sin Stained Pendant]207ilvl
[Noble's Birthstone Pendant]213ilvl,[Binding of Warped Desires]213ilvl,[Apogee Anima Bead](off-hand shield 187ilvl)
Tabards:[Tabard of the Achiever][Tabard of the Explorer][Alliance Tabard]

 Transmog Sets: Warplate of the Sefless 9/9
                       Lightsworn Plate 5/8
                                                                   Relentless Gladiator`s Scaled Armor 5/8
                                                             Furious Gladiator`s Scaled Armor 5/8
                                                                               Savage Gladiator`s Scaled Armor 5/5 (full set) 

Weapons transmog:[Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter][Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General][Horned Mace of the Old Ones]

Illusions enchants weapons: Moongose,Void Edge,Nightamare,Sunfire,Titanguard,Beastslayer,Crusader,Striking,Agility,Mark of blending Hollow,Mark of Blackrock,Landslide,Power Torrent,Elemental Slayer,Avalanche,Lifestealing

Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/602dae5ac5a90/character





 Points:Character Sale Only: The character gets transferred to a brand new account. It will have normal version of Shadowlands and 30 Days of Gametime on the date of creation. ( Mounts are not getting transferred to the new account )


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Price: 369 EUR

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Price: 369 EUR


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