INSANE = 25.930 Achievements = S15 Gladiator = Tier 3 = MOP & WOD CM = Elite Legion S5/S6/S7

   BiS PVP Gear Warr, 380 PVE ilvl, 420 PVP Ilvl

Full Elite Transmogs S1 

1800+ CR



Alliance Druid 60

Renown 39, 213 ilvl

Soulash: 2650 score 416


 235 BiS legi for Boomkin
- 235 Boomkin legi
- 235 BiS legi for Tank/Resto
- 225 BiS legi for Resto
- Legion magetower appearance for all four druid specs
- Legion S5/6/7 PvP elite appearance
- Rogue T3 items: shoulder, chest, hands, wrist
- Druid T3 items: chest, feet
- Other items: Warrior T3 feet, Shaman T3 shoulder
- Both Warglaives of Azeroth



Alliance 217 Paladin:

Renown 40

Soulash: 6040

RIO Score: 649



235 BiS legi for Holy
- 225 BiS legi for Tank
- 225 BiS legi for Ret PvP


Warrior Horde 210 ilvl:

Renown 40

RIO Score 530


- 225 BiS Legi for Arms
- 210 2nd BiS Legi for Arms
'- Old main char with most factions exalted
- MoP Challenge Mode gold
- Brawler's Guild S1 Tabard
- Blackmarket access in Garrison
- Thunderfury (and transmog)


Alliance Warlock 40 - 

MoP Challenge Mode gold
- Green Fire and title/feat of strength

Rogue 27 Alliance:  

- Rogue T3 itmes: Rogue head, feet, legs, belt
- Warlock T3 items: chest and wrist
- Mage T3 items: hands
- Arcanite Reaper


Other things on the account/collection:
Mounts (311 unqiue)
Season 15 Gladiator Mount
Ivory Cloud Serpent
Sintouched Deathwalker (Keystonemaster)
Time-Lost Proto-Drake
Violet Proto-Drake
Astral Cloud Serpent
Mawsworn Souldhunter
Rajani Warserpent
Child of Torcali
Obsidian Worldbreaker
All PvP mounts (honor & vicious saddles)
Toys (255)
Other games on Bnet:
Call of Duty: Warzone purchased
Many weapon skins and gold weapons for CoD
Overwatch Legendary Edition
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
"WoW Collector's Editions:
- WoD
- Legion
- BfA
- Shadowlands
- Blizzconline Mount (Snowstorm)
Weapon enchats: Elite PvP enchants from MoP, WoD, Legion and BfA
Weapon transmogs: WoD CM Gold weaopon set, Thunderfury
Tabards: TCG (Flame, Fury), PvP (S15 Elite, S16 Elite, Legion S5/6/7 Elite), Tabard of Conquest, Competitor's Tabard
Mage: T3 shoulder and feet
Warrior:  Legion S5/6/7 Elite, MoP Challenge Mode, most PvP and PvE sets in game
Warlock: Legion S5/6/7 Elite, MoP Challenge Mode
Druid:  Legion S5/6/7 Elite, T3 chest and feet, most PvP and PvE sets in game
Priest: Legion S5/6/7 Elite, MoP Challenge Mode
Rogue: Full T3
25.930 Achievements
122 Feats of Strenght
308 Legacy
94 exalted factions
Honor Level 48
Flying in all expansions





More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:   2999 EUR

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