Warlock = 475 ilvl = Mage Tower =5/5 Tier Set = 2.2K Rio Score = Bis Trinket 480ilvl = CM GOLD WOD = FLY SL/BFA/LEGION/WOD = 399 EUR

70 Troll Warlock Destruction 475 ilvl

Mage Tower transmog set

Bis Trinkets 480ilvl

5/5 Tier Set 483/489ilvl 

[Ensemble: Garb of Pure Spirit] in bags



2200 Rio Score Season 3


Tabards: [Tabard of the Explorer][Horde Tabard][Competitor's Tabard]

Illusions enchants weapons: Moongose,Void Edge,Nightamare,Sunfire,Titanguard,Beastslayer,Crusader,Striking,Agility,Mark of blending Hollow,Mark of Blackrock,Landslide,Power Torrent,Elemental Slayer,Avalanche,Lifestealing


Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/character/65806870a8a3b



         Points: Character Sale Only: The character gets transferred to a brand new account. It will have normal version of Shadowlands and 30 Days of Gametime on the date of creation. ( Mounts are not getting transferred to the new account )



More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price: 399 EUR

We can meet INGAME so you can see this account LIVE .

I will accept next payment methods:

PayPal [instant]


Credit Card - with Paypal, without needing to create a PayPal account ( Paypal.com is the portal that gets your payment, you won't share you CreditCard info's with anyone else but Paypal.com )


( ask us to activate the Credit Card payment for the specific account that you want to buy - this option is disabled as standard )


Bank to Bank (3 working days)


Western Union -  [instant] - Available Online aswell


Moneygram [instant]www.moneygram.com 

Price: 399 EUR


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Despite myself being a sleepy head and keeping them waiting, they were very patient and I am very...
Thanks for the help in selling my account, all went perfectly and pretty quick. Can recommend!

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