70 Monk WW = 384 ilvl = Weapon 408ilvl = CM GOLD WOD = FLY SL/BFA/LEGION/WOD = 369 EUR

70 Vulpera Monk Windwalker 384 ilvl

Done +13 key in time

Weapon 408ilvl equipped [Awak'mani, Grimtotem's Legacy]


900 [Valor]

1x binding [Bindings of the Windseeker] Thunderfury


Items in bags for all specs: [Erupting Spear Fragment][Cloak of Lost Devotion][Bromach's Disentombed Locket][Crown of Roaring Storms][Ancient Hornswog Spaulders][Kyrakka's Searing Embers][Shoulders of Animated Stone][Mirage Bindings][Mirage Bindings][Treads of the Swift][Vision of Foreshadowed Ends


[600 Valor]


[Sterling Spiked Pauldrons](cosmetic sholders)

[Ensemble: Aspiring Aspirant's Regalia]

[Sterling Skullwing Shoulders](cosmetic sholders)

Mounts campaign in bags: [Elysian Aquilon][Eternal Phalynx of Purity


Illusions enchants weapons: Moongose,Void Edge,Nightamare,Sunfire,Titanguard,Beastslayer,Crusader,Striking,Agility,Mark of blending Hollow,Mark of Blackrock,Landslide,Power Torrent,Elemental Slayer,Avalanche,Lifestealing


Tabards: [Tabard of the Explorer][Tabard of the Achiever][Competitor's Tabard]

Professions: [Leatherworking] [Skinning]



                                                                                      Armory:  https://secretarmory.com/characters/f4d1db28991d25a2


Points: Character Sale Only: The character gets transferred to a brand new account. It will have normal version of Dragonflight and 30 Days of Gametime on the date of creation. ( Mounts are not getting transferred to the new account )



                                                                                 More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:  369 EUR


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Price: 369 EUR


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