20060 Achievements = 378+ Rare Mounts = 108 Feats of strength = 879 EUR

    20060 achievements points

108 feats of strength

Dragonflight Purchased

Level 70 DH now

214 legacy

Honor level 550

248 ilvl monk renown 72 necrolord 

Toys : 314

Pets: 297

Importants mounts collection 378  : Invincible, Head of mimiron, Ashes of Al'ar , Fiery Warhorse,Onyxian Drake ,Armored razzashi raptor, Flametalon of Alysrazor,Glacial Tidestorm, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Argent Warhouse,Darnassian Nightsaber,Honeyback harvester, Astral Cloud Serpent ,etc

Allied Race: Horde and Alliance open

Alts : warrior -245  ilvl renown 806 Kyrian -Grand Marshal replica transmog 


           Vulpera  Shamman Elemental  - 234 ilvl renown 76 Necrolord


           Mechagnome Mage- 241 ilvl renown 71 Night Fae


           Void Elf Warlock- 224ilvl renown 52 Necrolord


           Nightelf Hunter -207 ilvl renown 53 Kirian

           Iron dwarf rogue lvl 60

           Lightforged Paladin lvl 50

           Orc Death Knight lvl 50

           Human Mage tbc lvl 60

Transmog sets: Unchained gladiat's leathers- Aspiring Aspirant's regalia- Sinful gladiator's Leathers- Grab of the selfless- Treacherous schemer's leathers- Corrupted gladiat's leathers- Vestmets of the eternal traveler- Renowned explorer's attire- Notorious gladiat's leathers- Darkwood sentine's guise- Boneblade battlegear- Dread gladiator's Leathers- Fierce gladiat's ironskin armor- Cruel gladiator's ironsking armor- Vindictive gladiat's ironskin armor- Felshroud armor- Warmongering gladiator's ironsking armor- Battlewrap of the hurricane's eye- Wild gladiator's ironsking armor- Primal gladiator's ironsking armor- Prideful gladiator's ironskin armor- Grevious gladiator's ironsking armor- Tyrannical gladiator's ironsking armor- Malevolent gladiator's ironsking armor



Points: Overwatch on account; Dragonflight also purchased.



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Price:   879 EUR

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Price: 879 EUR


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