418 ilvl MAGE - 14880 Achievs = T3(5pieces) = 2400 M+ = Mage towers on all chars = 1099 EUR

418 ilvl MAGE

5/8 Mythic 

4xSET Items, 2 Embelishments, 5 Crafted Items

Night Fae 75 

2400 Mythic+

13605 Achievements points 97 Legacy: Legion Keymaster & 68 Feats of strength  Multiple Challenger Season Shadowlands and BFA

Mage tower on mage on all 3 specs

DH 372 ILVL - Mage tower Havoc + Bladez of Azzinoth

Monk - Mage tower Windwalker

Wlock - Mage tower Destruction and Affliction

Transmogs: Vestments of the eternal traveler , ShadowLands s2 elite tmog, SL season 1 elite tmog, nyalotha mythic tmog, eternal palace mythic tmog (6/9 pieces), battle for azeroth season 3 elite tmog, legion season 5,6,7 elite tmog. 

tabard of lightbringer.

TIER 3 - Head, Shoulders, Pants, Chest & Hands - All from BMAH 

PVP enchant from Shadowlands S1

Mounts 159 =  G.M.O.D, Glacial Tidestorm, Invincible, Lightforged Warframe, Ny'alotha Allseer, albino drake, Antoran Charbound + gloomhound, Archmage's prismatic disc, zulian panther, HHellfire Infernal, Heavenly crimson cloud serpent, Sinrunner blanchy, Undercity Plaguebat (unobtainable) 






Warlock - https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/account/61cb1ddb7e6e7/61cb1dde74e39

DH - https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/account/61cb1ddb7e6e7/61cb1ddc8aab1

Monk - https://retail.safe-armory.com/en/account/61cb1ddb7e6e7/61cb1ddd7964b



Points: Overwatch / Call of duty: MW; Gold around 40k



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Price:   1099 EUR

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Price: 1099 EUR


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