MAGE = 415 ilvl = ARENA MASTER = 2400 RIO SCORE = Ashes of Al'ar = CM GOLD WOD = 8.7K ACHIVS = 125 MOUNTS = Rare Tabards = 699 EUR

    70 Troll Mage 415 ilvl 

4/5 Tier Set (Head/Legs/Hands/Chest) 


Bis Trinket on all specs!

 PvP Honorable Kills 83000


2400 RAIDER IO SCORE(Mount:Hailstorm Armoredon)

 Mount: [Ashes of Al'ar]

Tabards rare



2x offchars level 45

Transmog Sets (gladiator)

130 [Primal Chaos]

12x[Primal Focus]

22 [Concentrated Primal Focus]

100 Valor

 Recipe 418ilvl[Concentrated Primal Infusion]( can craft item 418ilvl)



Gear in bags for all specs(all items can upgrade): [Vibrant Wildercloth Vestments](418ilvl),[Umbrelskul's Fractured Heart](411ilvl can be upgrade to 415)?,[Spoils of Neltharus](372ilvl),[Time-Breaching Talon](372ilvl), [Voidmender's Shadowgem](402ilvl can be upgrade to 415),[Infernal Writ](402ilvl can be upgrade to 415) , [Strand of the Stars](398ilvl can be upgrade to 415),[Ukhel Ancestry Beads](402ilvl can be upgrade to 415),[Cape of the Duskwatch](405ilvl can be upgrade to 415), [Kokia's Burnout Rod](398ilvl can be upgrade to 415), [Key to the Halls](398ilvl can be upgrade to 415) , [Sadana's Grisly Visage](398ilvl can be upgrade to 415)?,[Platinum Star Band]395ilvl,[Key to the Halls]398ilvl,[Leggings of Swirling Runes]395ilvl,[Scalebane Signet],[Sadana's Grisly Visage]398ilvl,[Wind Soarer's Breeches][Staff of Violent Storms],[Time-Breaching Talon],[Cape of the Duskwatch]398ilvl,,[Spoils of Neltharus][Cape of Entanglement]395ilvl,[Rod of Perfect Order],[Crystallized Droplet]398ilvl,[Bromach's Disentombed Locket]



Tier sets gladiator transmog: Cruel Gladiator`s Silk Armor 9/9
                                                             Wrathful Gladiator`s Silk Armor 8/8
                                                        Brutal Gladiator`s Silk Armor 8/8
                                                            Vengeful Gladiator`s Silk Armor 8/8
                                                            Merciless Gladiator`s Silk Armor 8/8
                                          Gladiator`s Silk Armor 8/8
                                                             Titan Dugenokeeper`s vestments 10/10



    Mounts:    [Ashes of Al'ar]
                          [Celestial Steed]
                               [Amani Battle Bear]
                      [Albino Drake]
                          [Black War Bear]
                                         [Azure Netherwing Drake]
                                                           [Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher]
                                       [Blue Riding Nether Ray]
                                          [Cenarion War Hippogryph]
                                 [Hailstorm Armoredon]
                              [Sylverian Dreamer]
                         [Violet Spellwing]
                                 [Warlord's Deathwheel]
                            [Swift Olive Raptor]




Titles: Arena Master
Blood Guard
Chapion of the Frozen Wastes
Defiler`s End
Empire`s Twilight
First Sergeant
Flame Keeper
Liberator of Orgrimmar
Senior Sergeant
Spear of Vol`jin
Stone Guard
Twilight Vanquisher
Of the Ashen Verdict
The Explorer
The Kingsplayer
The Love Fool
The Noble
The Patient
The Seeker
The Thundering


Tabards: [Furious Gladiator's Tabard]
[Tabard of the Explorer]
[Competitor's Tabard]
[Tabard of Brute Force]
[Tabard of the Protector]
[Tabard of Summer Flames]
[Tabard of the Kirin Tor]
[Tabard of the Ebon Blade]
[Tabard of Ramkahen]
[Keepers of Time Tabard]
[Cenarion Expedition Tabard]
[Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari]
[Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord]
[Skyguard Tabard]
[Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade]
[Lower City Tabard]
[Tabard of the Shattered Sun]
[Sha'tar Tabard]
[Vol'jin's Spear Tabard]







  GAMETIME: 20/04/2023

Offchars: Paladin level 47

               Rogue level 45



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