TOP CHAR = 85 Mage = 382 ilvl PVE = 4/5 Ruthless PVP = Amani Battle Bear = Dark Phoenix = TOP CHAR

TOP CHAR = 85 Mage = 382 ilvl PVE = 4/5 Ruthless PVP = Amani Battle Bear = Dark Phoenix = TOP CHAR   


Hes got heroic firelands gear (ilvl 381) and PvP gear (2/5 ruthless + some s10 vicious)   



PVP: ( now 4/5 Ruthless)" href=""> 


Amani Battle Bear

Dark Phoenix

(+other mounts)

(Also some companions)



The Patient

Defender of the Shattered World

The Kingslayer

Of the Ashen Verdict

Blackwing's Bane

& more


Enchanting (max)

Enscription (max)

Archeology (max)

First Aid (max)


 ilvl 381 char (with heroic firelands gear) so soon after patch!
-2 sets of Heroic ilvl 391 mage weapons
-13 items that change the characters appearance ingame, including rare items like wisp amulet & Burgy's hat
-Revered with new faction Avengers of Hyal (gear!) + Exalted with 11 others
-2/5 new Ruthless PvP set (shoulders & chest) & t10 vicious pvp items
-He's also started the quest for the legendary staff & got 3 items in the questline sofar
-Also BiS ilvl 372 gear
-12500 gold   

More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!

Price:   450 Eur = 642 USD = 395 GBP 

We can meet INGAME so you could see this character LIVE .
Service (optional) : I will help you transfer this character to a new realm  + any other actions that involve a Credit Card(Name Change / Faction Change / Customization) .

Please visit my website before contacting me:

( All of this accounts described on website are bought by me, only from original owners,
only face-to-face local deals. Full infos and recall-warranty are included for all of them. )

I will accept next payment methods:

Bank to Bank ( 3 working days)
Moneygram [instant] - )
PayPal [instant] - ( only if you're Paypal Verified and can prove me whit your ID scan/ Picture )

Price: 450 Eur = 642 USD = 395 GBP


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