Gold Challenge M 500 ilvl Rogue= the Undaunted= 13.840 Achieves= 449 Eur

Gold Challenge Mode 500 ilvl Rogue = the Undaunted = 13.840 Achieves = 90 War Alt



  90 War:" href="">  

Gear: " href=" ">  



Mounts: 129" href="">



Price:     449 Eur = 585 USD = 364 GBP

We can meet INGAME so you could see this character LIVE .
Service (optional) : I will help you transfer this character to a new realm  + any other actions that involve a Credit Card(Name Change / Faction Change / Customization) .

Please visit my website before contacting me:

( All of this accounts described on website are bought by me, only from original owners,
only face-to-face local deals. Full infos and recall-warranty are included for all of them. )

I will accept next payment methods:

PayPal [instant]

Bank to Bank ( 3 working days)

Western Union -  [instant] - Available Online aswell

Moneygram [instant] - )

Moneybookers -  [instant]  -

Price: 449 Eur = 585 USD = 364 GBP


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