70 Warrior = 4/5 Set Tier 4 = BIS Gear TANK/DPS = Mount 100% Speed = 269 EUR

70 Warrior Tauren Protection/Fury/Arms

Bis Gear tank/dps 

Gametime: 28/10/2021 active

4/5 SET TIER 4

[Despair] weapon arms spec

Enchant Mongoose on weapon [King's Defender]

26x [Badge of Justice]

Bis weapons karazhan spec dps [The Decapitator][Fool's Bane][Emerald Ripper]

Alots of gear for all specs (karazhan)

Pvp Gear with resilience

[Violet Signet](finger reputation Violet Eye-Revered)

[Steady Chrysoprase]in bags-socket epic +6 stamina and +5Resilience Rating

25x[Spirit Shard](can buy pvp gear)

13x [Primal Nether]

Karazhan's attunement unlocked

Black Morass Attunement unlocked

bags 16 slots

Fly Mount 60% speed,100% speed ground mount

Keys: [Key of Time],[Auchenai Key][Flamewrought Key][Key to the City][Prison Cell Key][Shadow Labyrinth Key][The Scarlet Key][The Master's Key]

[Glyph of Fire Warding] head enchant -Thrallmar reputation unlocked (used on head equipped)

Gear in bags for all specs: [The Boomstick],[Despair],[Wrynn Dynasty Greaves]+3x sockets +12 stamina,[Jade-Skull Breastplate],[Ring of a Thousand Marks],[Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle],[Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden](2x sockets +12 stamina),[Elementium Band of the Sentry][Band of the Exorcist],[Emberhawk Crossbow][Thatia's Self-Correcting Gauntlets],[Ravenclaw Band][Sethekk Feather-Darts][Telescopic Sharprifle],[Capacitus' Cloak of Calibration][Thoriumweave Cloak],[Plasma Rat's Hyper-Scythe][Abacus of Violent Odds](bis trinket dps spec), ([Mithril Chain of Heroism],[The Decapitator][Fool's Bane][Emerald Ripper],[Cowl of Defiance][Eternium Greathelm]),[Breastplate of the Bold][Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense],[Chestguard of the Prowler][Crimsonforge Breastplate],[Demonblood Eviscerator],[The Harvester of Souls],[Mithril Chain of Heroism],[Andormu's Tear][Sha'tari Wrought Greaves],[Violet Signet],[Crystalforged War Axe],[Doomplate Legguards],[Blood Knight Defender][Averinn's Ring of Slaying][Chestguard of the Prowler],[Claw of the Watcher],[Skyfire Hawk-Bow],[Salvager's Hauberk],[Scepter of Sha'tar],[Hungering Spineripper],[Violet Signet](finger karazhan reputation),[Latro's Shifting Sword][Handgrips of Assassination],[Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps],[Melmorta's Twilight Longbow],[Ced's Carver],[Maladaar's Blessed Chaplet],[Reavers' Ring],[Terror Flame Dagger],[Burnoose of Shifting Ages],[Rubium War-Girdle],[Greathelm of the Unbreakable],[Truncheon of Five Hells](Heroic Helfire Ramparts),[Lifegiving Gem],Conquerer's Band][Legguards of the Shattered Hand],[Cloak of Malice],[Exorcist's Plate Helm](meta socket),[Broxigar's Ring of Valor][Iron Band of the Unbreakable][Jagged Bark Pendant],[Talon Lord's Collar][Gauntlets of the Skullsplitter],[Scimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers],[Longstrider's Loop][Cloak of Enduring Swiftness],[Nether Cloak of the Bandit][Crow Wing Reaper](3x sockets),[Ethereal Warp-Bow],[Tracker's Belt],[Skyfire Hawk-Bow],[Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves],[Bands of Syth],[Skulldugger's Leggings](3x sockets),[Wastewalker Gloves](2x sockets),[Sethekk Feather-Darts],[Shoulderpads of Assassination](2x sockets),[Firemaul of Destruction],[Terokk's Mask],[Honed Voidaxe][Creepjacker],[Demonshear][Tristam Legguards][Blooddrenched Grips][Omokk's Girth Restrainer],[Assassination Blade][Seeping Willow],[Styleen's Impeding Scarab][Darkguard Face Mask][Zandalar Vindicator's Breastplate][Thekal's Grasp][Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads][Sabatons of Might][Eskhandar's Right Claw][Coilfang Needler],[Thekal's Grasp][Manslayer of the Qiraji][Grunt's Waraxe]


Reputations TBC:  Cenarion Expedition-Honored 6000/12000

                       The Consortium- Honored 7000/12000

                               Keepers of Time- Revered 7000/21000


                     Lower City- Exalted

                              The Aldor-Friendly- 5000/6000

                The Sha`tar-Revered 5000/21000

                                     The Violet Eye-Revered 9000/21000


Reputations(classic): Zandalar Tribe-Revered
             Cenarion Circle-Friendly 1200/6000
             Hydraxian WATERLORDS-Friendly
Attunements:Onyxia/BWL/Molten Core unlocked

Transfer availiable (no cooldown transfer)
Server-Mograine Horde
Profession: First Aid 375/375


Gametime: 28/10/2021 


Gear: https://tbc.wowhead.com/gear-planner/warrior/tauren/A0YAgUBxU4qAAGUoIF3hAgBvXQNAcoQAXeEgbzSFYHFUbTUAXeEgXeFAXeEGQG1RAF3hIF3hBwBxV4gAd9JtLolAcHts-wBd9CBd9IoAcVlh8AsAcmIMAHADDQByyw4AbPOPAG_0hNSQAHBNbVCRAHJStbwSAIAM

More Infos in Pics / Screenshots!


Price:   269 EUR

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Price: 269 EUR


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