70 Shaman = Bis Items = Kara Attunement = 60% Fly Mount = 100% Ground Mount = 249 EUR

   Level 70 Tauren Shaman Resto/Elemental/Enha

Gear in bags for all specs

Karazhan Gear

Karazhan's attunement unlocked

Black Morass Attunement unlocked

Fly mount 60% speed,Ground mount 100% speed

3x [Primal Nether]

[Badge of Justice]x4 in bags 

[Spirit Shard]x37

                                                   Reputations TBC:  Cenarion Expedition-Revered 4.3k-21k

                The Consortium- Honored 2.6k-12k

                           The Violet Eye-Friendly 3650/6000

                                      Keepers of Time- Honored 8290-12000

                        Thrallmar-Revered 16150/21000

                        Lower City- Revered 8200/21000

                     The Scryers-Friendly 520-6000


Gear in bags for all specs: [Harness of the Deep Currents],[Crystal Pulse Shield][Band of Renewal],[Tidefury Shoulderguards][Ravenclaw Band][Beast Lord Handguards][Wastewalker Gloves][Shattrath Jumpers][Shattrath Wraps][Staff of Divine Infusion][Mogor's Anointing Club][Brooch of Heightened Potential][Creepjacker][Lifegiver Britches][Amulet of the Shifting Sands][Greaves of Desolation][Robes of the Exalted],[Shoulderpads of Assassination][Sky-Hunter Swift Boots][Malistar's Defender][Earthfury Belt],[Onyxia Scale Cloak][Seal of the Archmagus][Drakefire Amulet][Vision of Voodress][Zandalar Augur's Belt][Zandalar Augur's Hauberk][Briarwood Reed][Zandalarian Hero Charm][Eye of the Beast][Earthfury Gauntlets][Mar'li's Eye][Moonkin Headdress][Legplates of Ten Storms][Scintillating Coral Band][Incanter's Pauldrons][Silvermoon Crest Shield][Silent Slippers of Meditation][Tidefury Gauntlets][Beast Lord Mantle][Murkblood Shoulderguards of the Bandit][Tidefury Shoulderguards][Chestguard of No Remorse][Beast Lord Mantle][Leggings of Assassination][Shattrath Jumpers][Ravenclaw Band][Murkblood Bracers of the Bandit][Alexandrite Ring of the Tiger][Ironspine Bracelets of the Bandit][Beast Lord Handguards][Wastewalker Gloves][Shoulderpads of Assassination][Ironspine Legguards of the Bandit][Skettis Helmet of the Falcon][Girdle of Gale Force][Greaves of Desolation][Bloodfire Greatstaff][Shattrath Wraps][Brooch of Heightened Potential][Light-Woven Slippers][Telaari Hunting Girdle][Light-Woven Slippers][Faol's Signet of Cleansing][Moonglade Handwraps][Seal of the Exorcist][Handguards of Precision][Serpentcrest Life-Staff][The Essence Focuser][Pauldrons of Sufferance][Keeper's Ring of Piety][Signet of Unshakable Faith][Faol's Signet of Cleansing][Raiments of Nature's Breath][Masquerade Gown][Terror Flame Dagger][Saberclaw Talisman][Auslese's Light Channeler][Silvermoon Crest Shield][Hydromancer's Headwrap][Archery Belt of the Broken][Emerald Eye Bracer][Natural Mender's Wraps][Silent-Strider Kneeboots][Perfectly Balanced Cape][Totem of the Astral Winds](relic hc)[Sash of Serpentra][Scintillating Coral Band][Earth Mantle Handwraps][Moonrage Girdle][Claw of the Watcher][Auchenai Death Shroud][Serpentcrest Life-Staff][Reavers' Ring][Mana-Etched Gloves]


Professions: Enchanting 330/375 skill ([Runed Fel Iron Rod] ) alots of recipe+materials in bank

                    First Aid  375/375 skill                                                           

Items Parts Temple of Ahn'Qiraj in bags: [Qiraji Spiked Hilt][Qiraji Magisterial Ring][Qiraji Regal Drape],
All keys in bags for all instances:[The Scarlet Key][Prison Cell Key][Scarab Coffer Key]
[Shadow Labyrinth Key][The Master's Key][Flamewrought Key][Auchenai Key][Reservoir Key]

All chain quests totems done
Attunements:Onyxia/BWL/Molten Core unlocked
Reputations(classic): Zandalar Tribe-Revered 6000/21000
             Cenarion Circle-Friendly 3300/6000
             Hydraxian WATERLORDS-Friendly 4000/6000
             Argent Dawn Friendly
1x Bag 18 Slot Onyxia Hide backpack,rest bags 16 slots (in bank all bags 14 slots)

Gametime: 2/07/2021
Server-Mograine pvp-Horde

Transfer availiable (no cooldown transfer)

600 GOLD



Burning Crusade Gear Planner - TBC Classic (wowhead.com)




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