How to buy :-)

Step 1:

Browse the accounts Here.

Step 2:

Contact us:

Skype: mishap87

Skype: cristian.puf21

- By contact form on the website: 

Step 3:

If you want to see the character live, we can meet in-game ( if there is any game-time on the account).
Never ask about account's specific details before you pay. We will never share the username / password.

Step 4:

After we receive the payment (Instant using: Western Union / Paypal /  Moneygram and 3 working days for bank-to-bank transfer) you will get your account with all the information needed for your account security :

Account username and password.

Secret question and answer. 

Full Name and Address of the owner.

Owners ID scan : this one will be blurred for owners privacy, except his name and country of residence. 

Account CD Keys.

Our Accounts Lifetime Warranty.


Final Step:

Access the account. 

We guarantee lifetime support for your account. We only buy special accounts from original owners with full account documentation.



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Great Service , guys are really good
Top notch service, fast delivery and payment and all around the best site for this. They put so m...

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