Terms of Sale/Buy for WoW Accounts

Beside buying an account, you will receive:


Account username and password.


Secret question and answer.


Full Name and Address of the owner.


Owners ID scan : this one will be blurred for owners privacy, except his name and country of residence. (This way you can be sure that we have all we need to get your account back if you get hacked, loose the email etc. Beside this ID, when buying our accounts, we ask for many more pictures plus a legal contract which transfers the legal rights of account administration to us. )


Account CD Keys.

Our Accounts Lifetime Warranty.




We can accept the most popular forms of payment: Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers ),Western Union, Moneygram, Bank to Bank transfer.

For Paypal we are asking your ID photo/scan to make sure that you are using your personal paypal account. You can blure it, leaving the name, photo and country.  There were cases when kids were using parents paypal accounts, which came back with recalls. If you are not comfortable providing your ID (again, blurred with only your name and photo visible) then you can use the other payment options: WU, Moneygram, Bank to bank - wired transfer. 


Book the account you want : 

 If you're decided to buy an account for which you don't own all the money at once and you'll get the money in few days, you can make a deposit of 25% of it's price, to place the account on HOLD for you until you can do the full payment. 


Payment Plans:

You want that account, but ain't got all the money now? That's fine, we can customize a special plan that fits you.

You'll have to pay at least 40-50% of the account price first, then you receive the username and password and the rest of information when you finish your plan. We can take plans for a maximum 2 months time.

After example: Account price: 500eur. Pay 250eur, receive username and password.

Pay 50eur/week, finish the plan in 1 month, and receive the full information.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you decide upon a payment plan, you can pay a part of it and receive the account login information. You cannot go back! You cannot ask for your money back, no matter what is the reason (birthday, no salary, don't like the class anymore after 1 month of playing it etc). You only have 2 options: finish the plan and receive the full account information, or cancel the plan, give the account back and loose your payments. So, you have to be 100% sure when you decide to buy an account and choose for a payment plan. After you have finished the payment plan and receive the account full information, you can Consignate it on our website, decide for what price to sell it and get up to 75% share profit when it will be sold. This way you can get a big part of your investment back.




Q: How much will you sell my account for?
A: You will see the price on our website. Even so, we sometimes sell them with discounts applied, so the selling price may be different on what it was posted for. 


Q: How much did you get for my account?
A: Probably more than what we paid for.


Q: I want to buy this account. But how much did you paid for it?
A: You never ask the car dealer for how much he bought the car. Or what are your neighbour's earnings (unles you're from USA)

This kind of questions are inappropriate.

Keep in mind that we are working on this, and we're not only selling the account, but we're also offering a service. If you're going to sell it yourself, most probably you will get less than what we can get for an account, because you can never guarantee the account safety as we do.


Q: I want to trade my account for another of the same value. Can I?
A: No. There is no point for us doing this. Our account is verified, with full informations of it, posted for sale. We are not playing it, we're not interested in trades;You are. So doing this additional work must have a worth for us. So the only way to do a trade, is a better quality account for a lower quality account.



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